Release 3.3.0 - April 2009

SourceGear DiffMerge 3.3 is available as a FREE stand-alone utility application.

New features introduced in 3.3.0:

[1] Folder Window Equivalence Mode

The Folder Window now has 3 different methods for compairing pairs of files:

  • The original, exact (byte-for-byte) method that marks files as identical or different.
  • A new Simple Equivlance method that can ignore whitespace and EOL characters and mark files as identical, equivalent, or different.
  • A new Ruleset-based Equivalence method that uses some of the Ruleset settings to mark files as identical, equivalent, or different.

A new button was added to the Folder Window toolbar to show/hide equivalent files and a new page was added to the Options and Ruleset Dialogs to help you configure this.

[2] Added support for Fedora Linux.

[3] When the /result option is used, DiffMerge now exits with an exit status that reflects the state of the merge (MERGE-RESOLVED, MERGE-ABORTED, ERROR, etc.)

[4] Added support for saving the contents of a Folder Window to a file. This creates a UTF-8 CSV containing the rows currently displayed in the window (respecting the various Show/Hide toolbar buttons).

Other Improvements:

  • The Explorer Integration (EI) feature was updated: (Windows Only)
    • Support for EI on 64 bit XP and Vista. DiffMerge is still a 32 bit application and runs on 32 and 64 bit systems. However, the EI DLL which hooks into Windows Explorer must be the same bit-ness as the platform. This release contains 2 versions of the DLL.
    • Support for Vista and Windows 7 User Account Control (UAC). You can now register and unregister the DLL from the Options Dialog. It will now prompty for elevation and perform the actual work in an elevated child process. You no longer have to launch DiffMerge with elevation to do this.
    • Enhanced the EI context menu:
      • When 2 items are selected, the context menu is changed to have “Compare A with B” and “Compare B with A” menu items to try to avoid the need for the SWAP button on the File Open Dialog.
      • Added a “Clear Remembered List” menu item.
      • When 1 item is selected and you choose to compare the file with one from the remembered list, DiffMerge checks the file date stamps and opens the File Open Dialog with the newest file on the right.
      • Fixed the alignment of our icon in the EI context menu to match other installed extensions.
  • Updated the list of ignored file suffixes in the Folder Window to include lots of binary file types.
  • Major overhaul of the DiffMerge Manual. Updated text to reflect the 3.3.0 release. Converted text to DOCBOOK. Updated all screenshots.
  • Added ADVANCED bit to wxRegEx objects created to parse regular expressions in various dialogs. This allows the expressions you enter to use the advanced regex features without having to explicitly add the “***:” syntax.
  • Updated the “More From SourceGear” documents and the toolbar icon.