Full Evaluation (10 user)

The Vault Full Evaluation allows a team of up to 10-users to evaluate Vault using their own data and hardware for 30 days. Installation of both the Vault Client and Server are required. Installation usually takes less than 15 minutes.

1 Request an Evaluation Key.

To obtain an evaluation key, log in to the SourceGear Customer Service Portal and request a 30-day key. An automated email will immediately be issued with your 10-user Vault Pro evaluation key.

Need more than 10 users, or an extension longer than 30 days? Just ask our sales department to issue a customized evaluation key.

1 Verify that your machine meets requirements for both Client & Server.

1Download the Vault Server.

This installer includes the Vault Server and Client. It should only be executed on your server machine.

1 Install the Vault Server.

Install the Vault Server by double-clicking on the downloaded file. Follow the server setup wizard using the installation guide for assistance.

1 Install the Vault Client.

You will be prompted to install the Vault Client during the server installation. Additional Vault Clients can be downloaded at a later time.

Watch a quick video on how to install the client.

1 Review the Administration Guide.

The Vault Administration Guide will assist you with setting up security rights, server settings, and repository settings.

1 Getting started with Vault.

SourceGear’s technical support manager walks you through getting started with Vault in this brief video.

When you are ready to purchase, there is no need to reinstall. You can purchase a permanent license key from the SourceGear Customer Service Portal then replace the evaluation key with the permanent one. It’s that simple.

Want to integrate Vault with Visual Studio?

First, determine if you'd like to use the “classic client” or the “enhanced client.” We explain the differences here:

Support Topic - Enhanced Visual Studio Client

To enable IDE integration with Visual Studio:

Within Visual Studio select Tools – Options , expand Source Control and select Plug-in Selection.

A dropdown menu will exist under “Current source control Plug-in” providing you with the option to chose between the enhanced client or the classic client.

For additional details, visit:

Vault Help - SourceGear Vault Professional Classic Client (MSSCCI)

Vault Help - SourceGear Vault Professional Visual Studio Enhanced Client (VSIP)

Want to integrate Vault with Eclipse?

New to source code control?

Eric Sink, the founder of SourceGear, has written a complete Source Control HOWTO explaining best practices:

Source Control HOWTO

Documentation to help you get started:

Vault Help - GUI Client Documentation

Vault Help - Work Item tracking documentation

Vault Client Help is available within the Vault Client

Have questions? Experiencing an issue?

Please let us know. We’re always happy to help.

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Have pricing or licensing concerns?

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