The Next Step in DVCS

What is Veracity?

It’s a DVCS (like Bazaar, Git or Mercurial).

It also has a bunch of features no other DVCS has (like a decentralized database).

It’s open source (Apache License v2).

Open Source? How are you guys gonna make money?

The core of Veracity will be open source, but we plan to sell other products and services on top of that core.

So which parts are going to be kept proprietary?

Enterprisey stuff. Repo storage in SQL Server and Oracle. Visual Studio integration. Servers with fine-grained configurable policies.

Who is SourceGear?

We’ve been building and selling version control and bug-tracking products for 12 years.

We sold our Teamprise division to Microsoft in 2009.

We are privately held and located near the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Hey, you guys make Vault! Are you abandoning it?

Heck no. It’s, like, 100% of our revenue. And there are still thousands of teams on SourceSafe that need to be rescued from their plight.

Are you dogfooding yet?

Yep. We’ve been using Veracity for our own development since May 24th, 2010.

So is Veracity ready for ME to actually use it?

Only if you are brave, smart and patient.

Where can I get the code?

A tarball and a mailing list? Really? Aren’t you going to have some kind of Web 2.0 “Veracity Overflow” thingie?

Veracity’s web presence will have more of the modern amenities later. The Veracity server needs more testing before we set up a public instance of the repo.

What language is Veracity written in?


What is the build system?


Cross-platform is a high priority for us. CMake allows us to generate Visual Studio build files on Windows as well as traditional makefiles for the Unixy platforms.

How does this “decentralized database” work?

SourceGear founder Eric Sink is doing a session on that topic here at OSCON on Thursday at 11:30am. If you can’t make it, the slides will be posted on his blog at and on our OSCON2010 page.

Can I contribute?

Not yet.

We haven’t got everything figured out yet for us to accept patches and code contributions. But we will. In the meantime, feel free to join the mailing list and start asking questions.

What is “Sprawl”?

Before we decided on Veracity as the product name, Sprawl was the project code name. Instances of this name can still be found lingering around.

What should I know about the building from source?

Check out the known issues page for details about building the latest nightly snapshot.