The Next Step in DVCS

Error code 31 failures in Windows builds.

When building on Windows, mt.exe sometimes fails with error code 31. Usually, this is caused by a virus scanner. Excluding the build directory from your virus software's resident scanner should resolve the problem.

"Access is denied" errors running the test suite on Windows.

The Windows Search indexer can cause intermittent errors when running the test suite that look like this:

result: FAILED with exception: Error: Access is denied. : Calling MoveFileEx()...

Excluding build directories from the indexer will resolve the problem.

Work Item associations fail from the command line

The way we associate work items and version control commits has changed from earlier versions; v0.9 caught things in an in-between state. The --assoc option to vv commit is still there, but it will fail. It will fail after the commit succeeds, but before your tied branch updates.

Your options:

  1. Don't use --assoc/-a for now
  2. Grab a recent nightly build instead of 0.9. Associations work there, but take care that your server_files directory contents are from the same version as your vv executable; also, you'll probably need to run vv reindex from your working directory (once) to update the repo's database structure.