Vault Professional 9.0 Release Notes

Windows GUI Client

  • A new improved search user interface includes the ability to search for:
    • files that are not checked out
    • files that are checked out exclusively
    • files based on multiple working folder status values at one time
    • files with no working folder status
    • deleted files
    • uncontrolled files (files in working folder not in the Repository)
    • shared files
    • pinned files with newer versions available
  • Added option to search within cloaked folders
  • Search results pane now includes the status of the current search, the number of files found and a description and date/time of the last search performed
  • Search results list includes additional columns: Local Folder, Version, Status, Modified Date, File Extension, and Check Out Location
  • Additional operations can be performed directly from the search results list: History, View, Edit, Share, Branch, Resolve Merge Status, Pin/Unpin, Add File, and Undelete File
  • Search menu command now available from folder tree context menu
  • Added auto refresh search results
  • "Detect Files to Add" dialog can now also detect folders not in Source Control
  • Improved client start-up and repository load times on Windows 8.x / Windows 10 (may require configuration of the optional .NET Framework 3.5 Windows Feature)
  • Ability to update the time stamp for Undo Check Out
  • Drag and Drop to add file now scrolls item into view
  • Dropping a folder onto the File section of Repository Explorer now correctly creates a pending add in the Add Files dialog
  • Hitting "enter" on Repository Explorer's Folder View no longer puts client in perpetual busy state
  • Client (including repository name on tab views) now correctly reflects repository name changes

Vault Professional Work Item GUI Client

  • Unassigned link from At-A-Glance page now works correctly
  • Fixed miscellaneous dialog resizing issues
  • Optimized item tracking project tree
  • Subsequent clicks on different links on the At-A-Glance page now correctly refreshes the results

Vault Cross Platform Client

  • New Vault Pro Work Item perspective - ability to search, view, add, and edit Vault Professional work items from within the CPC client
  • Improved search user interface (see Windows GUI Client section for details)
  • Ability to update the time stamp for Undo Check Out
  • "Detect Files to Add" dialog can now also detect folders not in Source Control
  • Drag and Drop to add file does now scrolls item into view
  • Drag and Drop to add file now works regardless of folder tree focus
  • Enabling the CRC check for modified files no longer results in false positive 'Renegade' or 'Modified' file status
  • File list images now sized correctly on OSX with Retina Display
  • Fixed some dialog sizing issues on Linux operating systems

Visual Studio Enhanced Client

  • Show blame can now be launched from within Visual Studio
  • Refresh command for Vault Pro Work item explorer now correctly refreshes open queries
  • Right-clicking on empty shelve-set results no longer causes window to close
  • Ability to update the time stamp for Undo Check Out

Vault Professional Web Client

  • Vault Pro web pages now use a FIPS compliant AjaxControlToolkit

Web Admin Client

  • Increased size of "Users in Group" lists
  • "Enable Keyword Expansion" checkbox is now being initialized properly on the Modify Repository dialog
  • Fixed issue that prevented modifying a newly added group
  • Fixed issue that prevented non-global repository admins from accessing repository options
  • Done button on User Access Rights page now closes the page
  • Fixed broken links for the context sensitive help
  • Changes to Digest Time now correctly saved
  • Find in Files now displays more informative error messages if a database problem is detected

Vault Command Line Client / Application Programming Interface

  • Ability to update the time stamp for Undo Check Out

Java Command Line Client / Application Programming Interface

  • The default value of the -Xmx parameter now uses a max of 1024MB
  • Ability to update the time stamp for Undo Check Out

Ant Tasks

  • Ant task for "vaultsetloginoptions" no longer causes a null reference exception

Vault Pro Server

  • Improved database performance for history queries
  • Logging in with an invalid user name no longer logs exceptions to the log file
  • End of a session no longer causes ASPNET warnings in Event Viewer when Log Mode is set to 'Debug'
  • Admin passwords can now contain semi-colons and back-slashes
  • More informative exception logging in the Notifications Server

Vault Pro Server Installation

  • Added ability to optionally save backup *.config files on Server upgrade or uninstall
  • The check for Vault Pro/Vault Standard server conflicts now works correctly
  • Vault.config changes are now retained on an upgrade

Vault Professional 8.0.1 Release Notes