Vault Cross Platform Client Preview 2

Access Vault from Mac OS X and Linux

The Vault Cross Platform Client Preview 2 (Vault CPC) is a Java(TM)-based application which lets you access your Vault repositories from Mac OS X or Linux.

Currently, the Vault CPC is limited in functionality to just basic source code control operations and is provided to give users a glimpse into the current state of porting the Vault GUI Client to other platforms. It has been tested on Ubuntu Linux and OS X 10.7 and greater.

Vault CPC Preview 2 requires the Java JDK 7 (Mac OS X) or a Java SE 7 (Linux) in addition to a Vault 7 Server.

The Official Vault Cross Platform Client edition will be included as a part of the upcoming release of Vault 8.

SourceGear Vault Professional Cross Platform Client

Currently, the Vault CPC supports the following features:
  • Log into a Vault 7.x Server
  • Login Profiles
  • Choose and view Vault Repositories
  • Set a local working folder
  • Get files to the local file system
  • Check Out a repository folder or list of selected files
  • View / Edit of a repository file
  • Show History of a repository folder or file
  • Diff of files from the Pending Change Set view, Repository Explorer, or History
  • Toggle the Cloak state of a folder
  • Commit changes made to local files
  • Undo Check Out and Undo Change on files and folders
  • The following Source Code Control Operations:
    • Add Files / Folders
    • Branch
    • Delete
    • File / Folder Properties
    • Label
    • Move
    • Pin / Unpin
    • Rename
    • Resolve Merge Status
    • Share
    • Show Differences
    • Show Merge

For OS X users

The Vault Cross Platform Client Preview 2 edition requires the Java 7 JDK (or later), which may not already be installed on your Mac. The README (in the downloaded .dmg) contains installation instructions that will help you determine if you need to install the Java JDK.

The Vault Cross Platform Client Preview 2 can be downloaded from the following links:

Vault Professional Cross Platform Client
Vault Standard Cross Platform Client