SourceOffSite Evaluation/Demo

For all SourceGear products, a full-featured 30-day evaluation is available at no charge. Simply download the product, install it, and give it a "try before you buy." When you later decide to make a purchase, you won't even need to reinstall. You will simply remove your demo serial number and replace it with the permanent serial number provided by our online store.

If you need more than 30 days to make your decision, just ask. We can provide you with a new demo serial number to extend your evaluation period.

If you would like to evaluate SourceOffSite without installing a server, see the information below.

SourceOffSite Classic Online Demo

Before connecting to the SourceOffSite demo server, please read the caveats below concerning the public nature of its SourceSafe database.
To connect to and modify the demo database:

  1. Download and install one of the SourceOffSite clients
  2. Login to the public database from the SourceOffSite client
    server =
    port ID = 8080
  3. Enter a username and password from the table below
  4. Check out a file and make appropriate changes
  5. Check in the file

If you have comments, bugs to report or feature suggestions for SourceOffSite, please send an email to

Demo Accounts:

user name password
Mickey mouse
Minnie mouse
Donald duck
Daisy duck
Daffy duck
Bugs bunny
Sylvester thecat
Yosemite sam
Goofy whatisgoofy?

Demo Caveats

The public demo database is totally anonymous and open for anyone to make modifications, so we cannot be responsible for its content at any given time.

  • We have initially loaded it with the source code for GTK which is an Open Source project. However, we make automated, semi-random changes to it every day, so don't expect it to ever compile. :)

  • Since anyone can modify any part of the database, anything is possible, from silly pranks such as deleting everything to annoyances such as including objectionable file names or comments, to downright maliciousness, such as checking viruses into the tree in the hopes that someone downloads them and runs them. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you download and run anything checked into this tree. Note that merely downloading files will be virus safe.

  • If you ever notice that the database contains anything objectionable, please contact us immediately so we can remove the objectionable content.