We are proud to present SourceGear Vault 4.0. With new and enhanced features, SourceGear Vault 4.0 is considered a major release.

• New customers can purchase Vault client licenses at the SourceGear Store.

• Note, Vault 1.x and 2.x license numbers cannot directly be upgraded to a Vault 4.0 license. Vault 1.x and 2.x licenses will need to be upgraded to a Vault 3.1 license. The resulting license can then be upgraded to Vault 4.0.

Installation Notes

• The Server upgrade to Vault 4.0 may take longer than previous Vault Server upgrades due to a new database structure.

• Please ensure you have a verified backup of your database before upgrading, and upgrade at a time when it is convenient to not have access to the server. On very large Vault installations, the upgrade may take several hours.

• Vault 4.0 no longer supports Dragnet integration.
Users requiring integrated work item tracking should investigate Fortress. Fortress is an integrated solution for application lifecycle management (ALM), including work item tracking and work item clients integrated into Visual Studio 2005 and Eclipse.

• Vault 4.0 now requires the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0.

• Vault 4.0 is not backwards compatible with previous versions of Vault. In essence, Vault 4.0 clients will only interact with Vault 4.0 servers and vice versa. Vault 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, and 3.5 clients and servers are not compatible with Vault 4.0 clients and servers.

New Functionality

• Visual Studio 2005 client. This new client allows a much deeper integration in Visual Studio, including the ability to work in either VSS or CVS mode. It is highly recommended that all Visual Studio 2005 users install Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1.

• Eclipse client. This new client allows integration with the Eclipse IDE, including Eclipse on non-Windows platforms, like Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X.

• Preview Move, Rename and Delete options. For users who have the auto-commit option disabled, or who are working in the Visual Studio 2005 or Eclipse IDE clients, move, rename and deletes will be reflected in the working folder when they are pended. This allows users to see all the implications of a refactoring operation and correct the build before checkin in any changes.

• New Web-based admin tool. The new Admin Web client allows administrators to configure their Vault server without installing a separate application. All previous operations are available to administrators through the Admin Web Client.


• Vault Admin Tool Improvements • Vault Client Improvements