SourceGear Vault 3.5.2

Note, participants in the Vault 3.5.2 Preview Program will need to uninstall the Vault 3.5.2 Preview and reinstall Vault 3.5.2, as the upgrade installer does not recognize Vault 3.5.2 Preview.

Changes for Vault 3.5.2

Added Platforms
In addition to Vault's previously supported platforms, Vault 3.5.2 includes support for:

* Only the Vault client is supported on Windows Vista Home and Windows Vista Home Premium.

Vault Server 3.5.2

Vault Shadow Folders 3.5.2

Vault Client 3.5.2 Overview

Vault GUI Client 3.5.2

Vault MSSCCI IDE Client 3.5.2

Vault Admin Tool 3.5.2

Vault Web 3.5.2

Vault Folder Export/Import 3.5.2