We are proud to present SourceGear Fortress 1.1. This is the first maintenance version of our application lifecycle management (ALM) solution. Fortress 1.1 is a free upgrade for Fortress 1.0 users. SourceGear Fortress provides:

Installation notes:

If you are converting a Vault or Dragnet installation, you must uninstall those products before installing Fortress. When uninstalling, choose to keep the databases.


In order to convert an installation of Vault and Dragnet to a Fortress installation, both the sgvault and sgdragnet databases must be on the same SQL server instance. Use the detach and reattach functions in SQL server to move databases if necessary. It is recommended that you convert to the latest version of Dragnet before converting to Fortress.


For users converting from an installation of Vault only, the Fortress work item tracking database will be created automatically.


It is not recommended to convert an installation with only Dragnet. Install Vault 3.5.2 beside your Dragnet installation and convert them as normal.


Known issues:

Important note when upgrading from the 1.0.6 release. There was a bug in the uninstall routine for the 1.0.6 for users who installed the server and the client together using the server's installer. Upgrading in that situation will succeed, but leave two client shortcuts on the desktop. Please follow the instructions at http://support.sourcegear.com/viewtopic.php?t=9629 for instructions on removing the 1.0.6 server and client before upgrading.


When using the VS Enhanced Client's "Open From Vault" functionality in 2008, you will not be able to open solutions that have not yet been upgraded by Visual Studio to the Visual Studio 2008 format.


Web Site projects with large numbers of files or files accessed via a network will still suffer from some performance problems.


Changes from Fortress 1.0: