Fully Integrated Work Item Tracking

Vault Professional goes beyond version control by offering development teams a fully integrated work item tracking solution. Vault's work item tracking features are easy to learn and simple to use, yet complete and customizable to insure a perfect fit for your team. Security can be configured to only allow user access to particular projects, and queries can be created and customized to allow you to quickly find the work items you're looking for.

Access From Your Web Browser

SourceGear Vault Professional Web Client - Details Preview

Work items and bugs can be created and edited within all of Vault's clients, including the stand-alone GUI Client, the Visual Studio client, and the Web client. Web only licenses are available at a reduced cost for non-developers and other team members who do not need IDE integration and version control features.

Link Your Source Code Changes To Work Items

As source code changes are committed to the Vault repository, developers have the option of associating the changes with particular work items. For example, a developer may check in changes to fix a bug and within the same transaction he is able to mark the bug as complete and ready for testing. The link between code changes and work items is saved in history so that other team members have access to all the information at any time.

Keep Track of Your Time

New to Vault 6.0, team members can now track the amount of time spent working on particular items or tasks with Vault's built-in time tracking fields. As time is logged against a particular item, the total amount of time spent is displayed along with the remaining time required based on the original time estimate.