The #1 Replacement for Visual SourceSafe

From its inception, SourceGear Vault was designed and built for users migrating from Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. Vault combines the ease-of-use and intuitive design of SourceSafe with a reliable, robust architecture based on modern technology. SourceSafe stores files on the Windows filesystem, Vault stores them in SQL Server. SourceSafe communicates using Windows filesharing, Vault uses HTTP and IIS Web Services. SourceGear Vault offers the benefits of SourceSafe without the drawbacks.

Migrate Quickly With VSS Handoff

VSS to Vault Pathway

SourceGear Vault is the only SourceSafe replacement offering VSS Handoff, a revolutionary way to upgrade from SourceSafe without losing any of your version history and in only a fraction of the time. VSS Handoff works by getting the latest versions of your files out of SourceSafe and placing them in the Vault repository, and then providing a hook into SourceSafe from within Vault for historical operations on older versions of the files when needed. See VSS Handoff in action.

Vault also offers a full import where all of the historical versions of your files in SourceSafe are placed into the Vault repository. Although this process takes additional time, users can still choose this option if preferred.

Supports the SourceSafe Features You Need

Unlike most other SourceSafe replacements such as Team Foundation Server, SourceGear Vault supports nearly every feature of SourceSafe, including Share, Pin, and Keyword Expansion. So when you transition to Vault, you don't have to give up any of the features you rely on or worry about learning a new development process.

Avoid the Learning Curve

SourceGear Vault provides a rich user interface that closely resembles SourceSafe Explorer so your team will be able to be up and running quickly, without a learning curve. All of the major SourceSafe features are present and the terminology is the same. Vault gives your team the features they desire, plus the reliability, performance, and data integrity that's lacking in SourceSafe.