World-Class Version Control

At its core, Vault represents the finest in a reliable, robust, and user friendly version control system. Vault's version control features are powerful yet flexible enough to fit the development process your team prefers. And Vault's version control features avoid the unnecessary complexity found in many version control solutions. Most of all, you can feel safe knowing your code resides in a version control repository that is both reliable and of high integrity.

Atomic Transactions

SourceGear Vault - Notify within Visual Studio

Vault was designed to ensure the integrity of data by committing source code changes in atomic transactions to a SQL Server database. In an atomic transaction, a set of operations either all occur successfully, or nothing occurs at all, so your repository is never left in a half-baked state. This is a major advantage compared to other solutions, such as SourceSafe, where changes to some files during a checkin operation could succeed while others failed.

Remote Access

All communication between the Vault client and server is done over HTTP and utilizing IIS Web Services. Configure IIS for SSL support to keep your data secure. In addition, Vault uses both data compression and binary deltas in both directions to minimize network traffic. Vault was designed from its beginning to work well over the Internet, using technology that is both familiar and friendly for network administrators.

Advanced Features

In addition to the basic source control operations common to most solutions, Vault also supports several advanced and unique features. Vault's Line History cuts through your version control history so you see who's responsible for what changes line by line within a file. New to Vault 6.0 is Find in Files, where you can perform a search for a string on text within the server's repository. Also new to Vault 6.0 is Event Notifications, keeping developers informed in real-time of changes made by their team without having to leave their development environment. See the Vault 6 Feature Outline for more information.