Vault Standard 8.0 Release Notes

Vault Cross Platform Client

The Vault Cross Platform Client (Vault CPC) has been introduced with the release of Vault 8.0. The Vault CPC is a GUI based client which brings Vault's more popular features to a system running OS X or several distributions of Linux.

The Vault CPC will require a working Java 7 JDK installation. See the respective README file found in the platform specific download for more detailed information regarding system requirements and setup for the Vault CPC.

Windows GUI Client

  • A new "File Properties" sheet displays all of Repository Explorer's selected file column information
  • Custom External Applications can be configured for user customization of Diff, Edit, Merge, and View apps based on a file's extension
  • Double-click from Repository Explorer's file view can now invoke File Diff
  • When a Check Out fails, the READ-ONLY file attribute will remain unmodified
  • Optimized performance of Repository Explorer when configured to display non-controlled (ghosted) folders
  • Users can now view Shelve Sets even if they have not created Shelve Sets themselves
  • Undo Check Out with revert will restore the file's timestamp to the value the file received during the last GET operation
  • The Choose Repository dialog is now re-sizable and retains size and position
  • A new option allows Cloaked Folders to be hidden in Repository Explorer's Folder View
  • The Rename dialog for a repository item now allows commas
  • Explore Working Folder has been added to the context menu of Repository Explorer's File View
  • Added new options when clearing the client side cache to control what can be removed
  • The date of the labeled version is now displayed in the comments of labels within History Explorer
  • Merge Branches uses the selected folder as the Origin Folder
  • Merge Branches will attempt to use the parent folder of the origin as the new Target Folder

Web Client

  • Transaction comment is now displayed when viewing Transaction Details of a single Change Set

Web Admin Client

  • Corrections for some minor miscellaneous layout issues
  • Undo Check Out now prompts for confirmation when undoing multiple checked out files
  • Added sort indicators to list headers

Vault Command Line Client / Application Programming Interface

  • Added FINDLABELS to search for items within a given repository path with a label containing the search string.
  • Modified PIN API in order to improve performance around committing PIN change set items through the Command Line Client or the API

Vault CruiseControl.NET Plugin

  • Expansion to now allow use of CC.NET's "modificationWriter" Task

Vault Standard 7.2.1 Release Notes