Vault Standard 7.0 Release Notes

Vault GUI Client

  • New Features
    • Repository Explorer, Pending Changes, Messages, Notifications, Find in Files, and Search are now displayed in dockable tabs
    • Copy Label operation creates a copy of an existing file or folder label
    • Repository Explorer's file list now displays the system icon for associated file types
    • Folder Changes Archive operation retrieves files modified between a range of dates and/or labels
    • Merge Branches allows the selection of limited, non-contiguous history ranges
    • Merge Branches can be set to Auto Advance steps requiring no user input
    • Added a Changeset/Changeset Item Comment Template for creating custom Changeset comments for Merge Branches
    • Optimized Working Folder Scan within Merge Branches to omit folders in which no changes occurred for the selected history range
    • Reordered some of the steps in the Merge Branches Wizard for Optimized Working Folder Scan and Auto Advance features
  • Fixes
    • Within Merge Branches, Move, Rename, and Delete operations no longer require independent Changesets
    • File names displayed in the Adds, Deletes, and Edits step of the Merge Branches Wizard are sorted
    • Addressed problem within Merge Branches when processing a single file that was renamed and edited in the same historical transaction
    • Expanded the limit of characters used for Merge Branches comments
    • Diffing files from within Merge Branches Wizard now works
    • Addressed issue where Merge Branches fell back to default EOL of "\r\n"
    • Merge Branches Wizard retains its location and size
    • An edit and save of a Changeset Item's comment displays correct comment data
    • Labels applied before the branch point of an object no longer appear in history
    • Messages Tab now displays "*" to indicate new messages
    • Resolved issue where the Toolbar would remain disabled after clicking different files within the file list
    • Find Shelve Sets for all users now includes inactive users

Vault Visual Studio Enhanced Client

  • Fixes
    • Require Exclusive Locks for checked out items is now controlled by the Admin option
    • Files Excluded from a Visual Studio project are subject to the user option for Perform file deletes in working folder
    • Invoking Exclude From a C++ Project no longer reports "File is already checked out"
    • Diff can now be invoked from the Checkin and Commit dialogs
    • Find Shelve Sets for all users now includes inactive users

Vault Visual Studio Classic Client

  • New Features
    • Increased comment length limit to 32767 characters

Vault Command Line Client

  • New Features
    • Create a copy of a label using LABELCOPY
    • Get files modified between a range of dates and/or labels using CREATEFOLDERCHANGESARCHIVE

Vault Server

  • New Features
    • Auto Rebind supports Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013 Projects and Solutions
    • Source Code Control Reports: Last Activity, Label Contents, Checked Out Items, Repository Access, Repositories without Folder Security, and Folder Security

Vault Index Server

  • Fixes
    • Index Service no longer stops processing if a file cannot be opened

Vault Notification Server

  • Fixes
    • Notification Server more aggressively purges expired data stored within the database
    • Added additional Debug logging to the Notification Server
    • Notification Server no longer logs erroneous, "Could not verify if folder security is enabled on repository -1" message
    • If SMTP is configured in the Vault Server, Notification Server will now correctly include SMTP authentication headers

Vault Server Installer

  • Fixes
    • Admin passwords may now contain additional characters (&, <, >, or ;)

VSS Import Tool

  • Fixes
    • VSS Import's log file now created in the user's TEMP directory
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