Vault Standard 6.1.0 Release Notes

Vault Standard Server Install

  • Server will now install on machines on which neither http nor https is the first entry in the IIS Site Bindings configuration.

GUI Client

  • Added support for multiple column sorting in list views such as File View or Pending Change Set View.
  • Separated full item path into "File Name" and "Folder Path" columns within the Pending Change Set View, and the Check In, Commit, and History Details dialogs.
  • Changing and saving Vault options no longer resets user notification criteria in certain circumstances.
  • Added an option to set a threshold for the number of retrieved details for application notifications containing large amounts of data.
  • When Ghosted Folders are shown and a file has been selected, choosing folder history now works properly.
  • Branching a shared and checked out file is no longer permitted in order to ensure database consistency.
  • Committing with the Keep Checked Out option enabled now leaves files checked out if the files have unchanged contents but an updated timestamp.
  • Users can now control the file timestamps for files being unshelved.
  • The Vault GUI client icon is now always visible when using Minimize to System Tray.
  • Changed control within the Choose Repository dialog so users can now type a name when searching for a repository.

Visual Studio Enhanced Client

  • Improved performance when saving a file or invoking the context menu from the Visual Studio Enhanced Client's Solution Explorer.
  • Added a new dialog to warn users of potential data loss if a file is open within a Visual Studio editor that does not support file reloading during a GET or CHECKOUT operation. For example, if a user opens a C++ resource file (.rc) in Visual Studio's resource editor and subsequently does a GET, the Visual Studio Enhanced Client now displays a warning to close the resource file in order to prevent losing data.

Web Admin Client

  • An Administrative section has been added for viewing and configuring Vault Shadow Folders, Vault Index Server, and Vault Notification Server.
  • The SMTP password for email configuration has been changed to a password field to prevent displaying sensitive data.
  • The Undo Checkout list has been reduced to 100 items per page in order to correct pagination abnormalities on hardware with limited memory.

Eclipse / Java CLC

  • The Java API has been modified to eliminate circular references that caused memory issues in Eclipse, JetBrains' Team City and other Java based IDEs.

Vault Shadow Folder

  • Modified Vault Shadow Folders to store only one version of the baseline file generated during a GET.

Vault Notification Server

  • The Notification Server now correctly processes notification events for a user subscribed to a repository path, but with no configured Source Code Control events.
  • Modified the Notification Server to accept expired or non-authenticated SSL certificates.

Vault Index Server

  • Modified the Index Server to accept expired or non-authenticated SSL certificates.

Vault Standard 6.0.1 Release Notes