Vault Professional 7.1 Release Notes

Vault GUI Client

  • New Features
    • Added full support for Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Fixes
    • Resolved issue in GUI Client when invoking a label or history command would use a folder instead of the selected file
    • Unnecessary login dialogs no longer appear during a client reconnect
    • Corrected problem invoking Diff from the Changeset View
    • Clicking the radio buton to "Include past days" within Merge Branches now enables the numeric control
    • Copy Label now succeeds if an item has been moved or renamed after the label has been created
    • File lists now update correctly when "Show non-version-controlled files ghosted" is checked and the Repository Files Exclusion list is empty
    • Eliminated race condition crash for some installations when the splash screen is displayed during startup

Vault Visual Studio Enhanced Client

  • New Features
    • Added full support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
  • Fixes
    • Output window now initializes correctly for Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013
    • Application Notifications activate correctly upon successful login to the Vault Server
    • Corrected problem in the Open from Vault dialog when double clicking a .sln file
    • Redesigned dialog used by Exclude from Project and File Deletion to clarify that retaing files in the working folder only works when Excluding files from the Project
    • When check in comments are required, the presence of Vault Work Items associated with the changeset now satisfies condition
    • Corrected problem invoking Diff after switching between TreeView and List View on the Commit dialog
    • The vertical splitter in the Notification View now retains its position
    • Corrected indication of Commit dialog's enablement state for the Display Tree View and Display List View toolbar buttons

Vault Command Line Client

  • New Features
    • Added full support for Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Fixes
    • Replaced LABELCOPY command with COPYLABEL

Vault Server

  • New Features
    • Added full support for Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Fixes
    • Blank licence keys Can no longer be added

Vault Professional Work Item Administration

  • Fixes
    • Can add new sections to the Public form within the Work Item Forms Designer
    • No longer able to create a custom field with the same name as a System Field

Vault Professional Work Item Web Client

  • Fixes
    • Fixed error for query results configured to display Work Item "Details" in the results
    • Changes to a Work Item's type are now saved
    • Addressed problem with Query design page in which multiple multi-select fields would always check the first entry
    • Save Query Results now saves all displayed columns in the results
    • Corrected scrolling issues within multi-select dropdowns on the Query page
    • "My Open" and "My Resolved" links now work from the "At a Glance" page
    • Time tracking reports can now be filtered by date
    • Eliminated Object reference errors with "Checked Out Items" report
    • Checked out Items report parameters page now reads "Checked Out Items Report Parameters"
    • "Save Items" now works for results from "Query Projects"
    • Drop down for users in Time tracking now lists only active users
    • Error message presented when adding a Time tracking entry without a type has been reworded for clarity
    • Bulk Update dropdown for milestones now displays only active items
    • Tool tips for attachments now display events using the local time
    • The Description field is now cleared after using the "Quick Add" Work Item popup
    • The Update Query popup now works on all pages of query results
    • Clouds now work on all pages of query results
    • Changes to saved queris can now be saved within "All Projects"
    • Resolved issue for query results when choosing individual projects in the "Query Projects" page
    • Query description now retains project titles that were chosen from the "Query Projects" page after clicking the "Update Query..." link
    • Changeset Association tool now reads "latest"
    • Title of a comment made as a Work Item is modified is now appended to the end of "Change Comment"
    • Corrected premature closure of sort order dropdowns on Query page when using Internet Explorer 9
    • Billable drop down boxes now receive a default value when using Internet Explorer 9

Vault Professional Work Item GUI Client

  • Fixes
    • Can remove a system field is removed from a form and not generate "given key was not present in the dictionary"
    • The combobox type for looking up a user's shelveset has been changed to a simple combo box
    • The links displayed in the error dialog during a Professional Edition / Standard Edition cross-over login have been corrected

Vault Professional Visual Studio Enhanced Client

  • Fixes
    • No longer displays an Object reference error when viewing or browsing a Work Item's changeset association without having an open solution or project
    • Recent Additions, Updates, and Comments Work Item queries are now limited by the user's setting for row retrieval

Vault Index Server

  • Fixes
    • Index server now prevents invalid file lists from flushing to disk and causing "The file list cache file is is incorrect for the this folder." error messages
    • Index Server now correctly handles log file entries when it cannot contact the Vault Server or connect to the sgvaultindex database

Vault Notification Server

  • Fixes
    • Generation of notification events has been modified to elminiate deadlock situations with the sgmaster database
    • Deletion of Work Item attachments now include the Work Item description
    • Deletion of Work Item attachments now correctly generates application and email notifications
Vault Professional 7.0 Release Notes