Getting Started With Eclipse

Installing the plugin

The version of Eclipse used in this example is 3.6.1, referred to as Helios.

  1. Open Eclipse. Go to Help – Install New Software.

  2. In the top text box, enter one of the following URLs. Click Add.

  3. Give your install a name, then click OK.

  4. Expand the Uncategorized check box to see the available software.

  5. Check the Vault/Vault Pro option and click Next.

  6. Wait as the software calculates requirements and dependencies. Click Next when it is finished.

  7. Choose the option to accept the terms of the license agreement and click Finish.

  8. Wait as the software installs.

  9. If you receive a security warning, click OK.

  10. Once the software is installed, Eclipse will request a restart. Click Restart Now.

  11. Once the restart finishes, Eclipse will open and verify your workspace again.

Adding a project to Vault

  1. Open Eclipse and your project.

  2. Right-click the top level of your project and select Team – Share Project.

  3. Select Vault as the repository that will be used to share the project.

  4. Login to Vault.

  5. Choose your Vault repository and click Next.

  6. Choose the repository folder where you are placing the project and click Finish.

  7. At the bottom in the console window, you will see the results.

  8. After that the Vault Pending Changes should open with all the files you need to check in. Click Commit All.

  9. You may receive pop-ups that say there have been changes. Click Yes to save changes.

  10. A checkin window will open with a summary. You can add a comment or use the Browse button to find bugs or work items to check this in against. Click OK.

  11. You are now ready to work or check out your first item.

Importing a project from Vault

  1. If the project is already in Vault, you go to File – Import to bring the project from Vault to Eclipse.

  2. Expand Team and click on Project from Vault and click Next.

  3. Login to Vault, click Next, choose your repository, and click Next.

  4. Select your project folder and click Next.

  5. Choose Mappings and click Finish, or Next.

  6. You are now ready to work or check out your first item.

Uninstalling the Vault plugin

  1. In Eclipse, go to Help – About Eclipse.

  2. Click on Installation Details.

  3. Click the Vault Eclipse Plugin/Vault Pro Eclipse Plugin, and click Uninstall.

  4. Click Finish.

Check out/check in

  1. Once everything is committed, you are ready to check out the items you wish to work on. Right-click the file you wish to work on, and select Team – Check Out.

  2. A window with check out options should open. Set your options and click OK.

  3. Edit the file or files.

  4. You can check in by right-clicking a file and selecting Team – Check In, or by using the Commit All button in the Vault Pending Changes window at the bottom.