This document describes SourceGear's policies regarding the collection and handling of personal information from our customers and users of our websites.


1. Our online order forms receive credit card information as part of the purchasing process. This information is not permanently stored. It is kept in our systems only until the transaction is completed and deleted immediately thereafter.


2. Email is the primary method of communication between SourceGear and its customers. Several of our websites require a valid email address for registration and/or authentication.

2a. We will never give your email address to another organization.


2b. If you are not one of our customers, we will assume that in most cases you do not want to receive list-oriented email from us. For example, you will not receive notification of new product releases. You will not receive our newsletter unless you explicitly request it. If you download an evaluation version of our software, we may contact you in a timely fashion with regard to your decision process for that specific product.


2c. If you are a customer or user of our products, we consider you to have a business relationship with our company. We will not hassle you, but we do want to stay in contact so that we may offer you the best service. We may send you email for a variety of reasons, such as administrative issues, user surveys, newsletters, security advisories, or notification of new products or releases.


2d. If you instruct us not to send you any list-oriented email, we will honor your wishes. Our Customer Service Portal allows you to specify your email preferences in multiple ways. You may opt not to receive certain kinds of messages while continuing to receive others. Or you may opt to never receive any list-oriented email from us at all. In any case, regardless of your relationship with SourceGear, your preferences will be honored.


2e. We define "list-oriented email" as the sending of the same message to a list of people all at the same time. If a member of our staff sends you an email which was personalized and written specifically for you, such a message does not qualify as "list-oriented email".


3. Many of our customers purchase our products entirely over the Internet. When credit card numbers or other personal information are transmitted to or from our websites, the communication is always secured using SSL. Our SSL certificates are provided by a reputable certification authority.


4. Our Customer Service Portal offers surveys where users can enter their opinions. Survey responses are not anonymous. Results of our surveys will not be published or disclosed to any other organization except in aggregated form.


5. This privacy policy is subject to change. It was last revised in November 2007.