Choosing a Product

If I purchase Vault, will I also need SourceOffSite for remote access?
No. Unlike SourceSafe, Vault was designed for the Internet. If you have Vault, then you already have everything you need for remote access.
Who uses your products? Can you give me the names of some reference customers?
See here and here.



I originally bought a 5-pack. Now I need 5 more licenses. Can you just charge me the difference as if I had bought a 10-pack originally?
No. Our volume discounts apply only for purchases made all at the same time.
I see the pricing for the client. How much does the server cost?
We do not have separate pricing for the client and server. We simply charge a fee for each person who uses the system. This is implemented by charging per "named user account." Each user of SourceOffSite or Vault has a named account to which they login when they want to use the product. For each of these accounts, you need to purchase one user license.


Maintenance and Upgrades

Do I have to purchase maintenance?
No. Maintenance is entirely optional.
Do I need maintenance to get bug-fix releases?
No. If you have Vault 5.0, then all releases with a version number of the form 5.0.x are free.
Can you explain Vault's version numbering? Which upgrades are free, and which ones are not?

Vault version numbers take the form "Major.Minor.Bug Fix" — for example, Vault 3.5.1 was the first Bug Fix release of major release 3, minor release 5.

We increment the Major version number when we release a new version with significant new features or other improvements. All such releases are made available to customers with a current maintenance plan, and are otherwise paid upgrades.

We increment the Bug Fix version number when we release a version with small improvements or bug fixes. Bug Fix releases are available without a maintenance plan.

We increment the Minor version number for special situations.

Do volume discounts apply to upgrades?
No. Upgrade pricing is flat.
Do volume discounts apply when transitioning from Vault toVault Pro?



Why are there no press releases on your website?
We occasionally do traditional press releases, but most of the time we communicate news from SourceGear using other means. Eric Sink (one of the principals) often posts SourceGear news and announcements on his weblog. We also post announcements to our discussion forums.
Somebody said that Vault is FREE for a single user. Is this true?
Yes. Vault is free for use by a single user. Simply install the product and do not enter any serial numbers at all. When no serial numbers are present, Vault behaves as if there is exactly one user license. Note that this free license does not apply when the product is used by more than one person. If you have two people who need to use Vault, you will need to purchase two initial licenses. If you enter a serial number containing only one license, then the product will still have exactly one license present.