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Vault Standard/Vault Professional 5.1

Jeff Clausius

Goodbye Fortress – Hello Vault Professional Edition!

SourceGear is proud to announce that Fortress 2.0 is now Vault Professional Edition 5.1. More than just a name change, this new release is an exciting upgrade to Fortress 2.0, including defect tracking integration with Axosoft OnTime, the award winning project management and bug tracking software. Simultaneous with this change, we have renamed SourceGear Vault to SourceGear Vault Standard Edition. Best of all, we’ve dropped the price on Vault Professional (Fortress) from $599 to just $449/user!

Okay.  Explain that Again?

Gladly!  We’ve changed the name of Fortress to “Vault Professional Edition.”  At the same time, we’ve changed Vault to “Vault Standard Edition.”
Both of these changes are in conjunction with an exciting new release.  The latest version of Vault Pro (the software formerly known as Fortress) is now 5.1; likewise the latest version of Vault Standard is now 5.1.
Both new releases are free upgrades to existing Fortress 2.0 or Vault 5.0 users, or users of earlier versions with current maintenance.
Sweet. What about the new pricing?

The retail price of Vault Professional Edition 5.1 is $449/user – that’s $150 less than Fortress 2.0.
The retail price of Vault Standard 5.1 is now $349/user.
What’s different about Vault Pro 5.1 & Vault Standard 5.1?

Vault Professional 5.1 now offers users more choice in integrated Work Item Tracking solutions.  Vault Pro includes integration with Axosoft OnTime defects.  It also ships with a tightly-integrated, complete Work Item Tracking solution from SourceGear – the original Fortress Bug Tracking solution -- which will continue to be fully supported and developed by SourceGear.
Vault Pro 5.1 and  Vault Standard 5.1 also have several bug fixes, additional polish, and the many minor enhancements customers have come to expect from SourceGear’s point releases.
Why the change? I liked Fortress the way it was.

So did we.  But we believe this change will make it clear that Vault Standard and Vault Professional are part of the same family, and both built on the same rock-solid Version Control technology.
We also believe the Vault Professional name will help communicate that the product offers enhancements that can make your life a lot easier -- including always knowing what Work Item a checkin relates to (and vice-versa), the ability to create and save custom queries, integration with CruiseControl.NET to provide continuous integration and build support, and a lot more.
With the price change, we’re trying to make it easier for customers to make the move to Vault Pro, and take advantage of the many efficiencies that come with integrated Work Item tracking and Build Itegration.
Finally, we’re also tremendously excited to be partnering with Axosoft.  We think their Project Management Solution is cool, and so do their thousands of customers.  
Do you have any Fortress t-shirts left? Those have to be collector’s items!

Not in your size. Sorry.