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Version Control your SQL code with SourceGear Vault and Red Gate SQL
Source Control

John O'Neill, VP of Sales

Happy New Year from SourceGear!

I hope all your holidays were great. Here at SourceGear salesmen aren't permitted time off, so I've been wandering the halls during the slow holiday weeks, munching on Christmas cookies I found in the kitchen and getting to know all the people working in our testing labs.

Like me, many of them are fitted with ankle bracelets to prevent them from sneaking off before five, so it turns out we have a lot in common. Unlike salesmen however, these testing guys sure can stay focused during cocktail hour. I was amazed at what they've been working on.

For some time now, one of the most popular feature requests from Vault users has been the ability to version control SQL stored procedures. Turns out these testing guys have working hard with one of our partners, Red Gate Software, to find a solution.

Red Gate has now added support for SourceGear Vault 5.1 to their SQL versioning tool, SQL Source Control. This allows you to work directly in SQL Server Management Studio and connect databases to SourceGear Vault, to bring all the benefits of source control to your database within SSMS. Is that cool or what?

Red Gate has developed an Early Access (EA) release of SQL Source Control available to select users. Our testing team has been thoroughly impressed by what it can do, and now they're looking for customers who use SQL Server Management Studio and who would be willing to beta test the EA release.

If you're interested in trying an Early Access release of SQL Source Control that supports SourceGear Vault, and would be willing to discuss your thoughts on the product with a group of lonely testers who are rarely granted permission to speak to outsiders (or permission to speak at all, really), we'd be delighted to hear from you.

Please contact us directly at, or at 1-217-356-0105, ext 700, and we'll send you instructions on how to receive your free copy.

And remember: salesmen need love too. Got any questions on our products, want to swap holiday cookie recipes, or have some tips on how to slip out of discount ankle bracelets? Drop me a note at