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SOS 5 Preview

For many teams, SourceSafe is a fact of life. Maybe moving to a new setup is just not a project you have time for; maybe purchasing a new source control solution isn’t in the budget right now; maybe you’re just really happy with VSS. It’s conceivable, right?

And SourceOffSite has always been there for you, making VSS bearable, with faster remote performance and cross-platform clients.

What if we were to take it a step — or two — further, and make working with VSS enjoyable and productive? But that’s crazy talk. Unless you’ve seen SourceOffSite 5 previewed, that is.


For starters, SOS 5 is just… better. Better looking. Better organized. All-around better.

SOS 5 lets you open multiple tabs, to see simultaneous history views, search results, and project listings all at once.

Tabs in SOS 5

All of your activities are launched from a clear, modern, easy-to-navigate toolbar. You’ll hardly believe you’re working with SourceSafe.


Ever forget to check in just one file, in one distant include folder? Ever endure the Emails of Shame when that forgotten file breaks the build?

SOS 5’s Pending Checkins view shows you all of your works-in-progress, across all folders, in one place. One place to view the list, one place to check them in.

SOS 5 Pending Checkins

SOS 5 also gives you one window to find and manage your Working Folder settings, one-click shares of folders and trees, and more.


And don’t think we’ve neglected SOS 5’s original claim to fame — performance. We’ve taken all of your feedback and suggestions and used them to ratchet VSS performance and stability even further.

Act Now!

SOS 5 is coming soon; be sure to watch the Development Blog for news on SOS 5 beta and previews, or email to sign up for beta news.

But don’t think you need to hold out for the next release — SOS 4.0 is available today, and more than ready to make life with VSS bearable. And if you purchase between now and the SOS 5 release, you will receive SOS 5 as a free upgrade. For more information on SOS 4’s pricing and features, please visit